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Production technology of the Istrian ham

The primary treatment of fresh ham-prosciutto is unique because Istrian prosciutto-ham has traditionally been treated together with pelvic bones. The hip bones remain on the fresh ham-prosciutto i.e., the flanking bone (os ilium),as well as the ischium (os ischii) and pubic bone(os pubis), while only sacral bone (os sacrum) and caudal vertebrae (vertebrae caudales) are removed.
Pig's foot is removed at the ankle joint (articulus tarsi), so that the lower leg (tibia and fibula) remains joined to the proximal row of talus (talus and calcaneus). Hide, together with fatty tissue, is removed from the outer (lateral) and from the inner (medial) side of the fresh prosciutto-ham up to the height of about 10 cm proximal from the articulus tarsi. Prosciutto-hams treated in this way have a characteristic extended appearance and uncovered surface.