2nd Kvarner Shrimp Festival

27.05.2017 - 27.05.2017
Rabac, Waterfront

18:00|22:00 h <*ct_66_mjesto_zbivanja_link|details>

Find out why Kvarner shrimps (scampi) are one of the most prized Mediterranean cuisine delicacies and visit this year\'s 2nd Kvarner Shrimp Festival in Rabac on May 27, 2017. At this gastro event caterers prepare dishes exclusively with shrimps from Kvarner Bay, caught by local fishermen, members of Alba Fisheries Local Action Group. Besides the shrimps, festival guests will be offered with local award-winning wines, and the festival will play host to live music entertainment.

  • Lokalna akcijska grupa u ribarstvu Alba