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Istrian violin

Secret seven...

The right moment. When to cut or, in other words, to begin eating the ham? The later the better; by no means before august, consequently at the end of summer. The ham is cut a means of a special long thin cutting edge knife, designed exclusively for cutting the ham.
It is cut by long, delicate and careful incisions, so a joke says - like playing a violin. Fete or cuts of ham, are first smaller, to become ever bigger, the color turns ever redder, the smell is more and more intense. Sporadic white threads of fat are just signs of additional quality.
There is a usage in Istria: as much longer and bigger cut, and not too thin is a must. It is hand eaten and has to literally melt in the mouth, right after two or three bites. Bigger exemplars of ham could be cut at the end of the year, for Christmas of New Year’s eve and, if properly kept, also the next summer.
Well, we have revealed you the seven quality secrets of the istrian ham, a traditional autochthon product. And if those secrets do not seem particularly mysterious to you, you are mistaken, because their simplicity is the secret above all, that is eternally preserved with love, patience, and long lasting experience …