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Main Truffle Species

Tuber magnatum Pico

Tuber magnatum Pico (Fine white truffle)

Globose shape, often also very flattened and uneven, with pale yellow or gold peridium and red to brown spots, never grey, smooth or slightly warty.

Its gleba, with numerous, very intensely branched white veins, varies from a milky colour to an intense pink. Its spores are alveolated. It can reach the size of a big apple: few specimens are gathered every year, far over one kilogram in weight. It can be found late in summer, in autumn and early winter under oaks, willow trees, poplars, lime-trees, and in grounds with rather high humidity also in Summer.

It can be found in the central and northern regions of Italy and Istria only. Iits particular taste and smell have elected him the king of cookery and have made the world appreciate it. Iit is eaten uncooked.

Definitions of its aroma by some authors: "very remerkable scent, almost garlicky" (Vittadini); "pleasant aromatic scent, superior to that of any other truffle, fragrant, a little garlicky" (Mannozzi); odor fragrans, suballiaceus, casei corrupti" (Ceruti); "typical intense odour of methane and fermented cheese" (Montecchi); "intense odour, slightly garlicky" (Pacioni); "characteristic odour, exquisite, very strong, vaguely garlicky at full maturation. Very pleasant, particular, very intense taste" (Stecchi).