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Gourmet Photo Gallery of Istria

Dear visitors!

We would like to present you this selection of high resolution photographs of our famous photographers (Renco Kosinožić, Stefan Lupino, Đani Celija, Igor Zirojević, Goran Šebelić, Jelena Jekić and others) on the subject of the Istrian enogastronomy (and more) which can be looked at by choosing the respective categories on the left. Among other things, here you can find the photographs portraying the profiles of some of the most successful Istrian winemakers and olive oil producers and their products, as well as various Istrian delicacies, especially the Istrian truffle and Pršut, and the photos of the best Istrian restaurants, taverns and agro tourisms, the most beautiful stanzias (country estates), small hotels, rural villas, towns, landscapes, vineyards, olive groves and the like. 

We believe that these photographs faithfully depict and reflect the Istrian lifestyle, the Mediterranean side of Istria and all the luxury of its enogastronomic heritage as well as the actual world successes of the local gourmet scene. Its extraordinary state of preservation and an appropriate valorization of the above mentioned values make Istria a unique Croatian region where everyone feels welcomed. Moreover, except for looking at the photos, registered users are allowed to download them for further usage, with a remark that for using one part of, what we find, more impressive photos, apart from the registration you will need to state the purpose of using them, while all the other photos may be freely used. Of course, always specifying the source ( + the author of the photographs). We hope this short introduction provided enough information for you to know what to expect in our gourmet photo gallery, which you can discover by just beginning your virtual journey through the Istrian gourmet-photo motives.

If meanwhile you wish to download one or more photographs, you may simply register into the database by entering your username and password or (if you didn't register yet) register into our user database so we can e-mail you all the necessary data.