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A Magazine Dedicated to Tavelers of Taste

There is a broad area reaching from the Adriatic Sea in the south to the Adige and Danube Rivers in the north, where the flavors of the sea, hills and valleys overcome every border and obstacle, creating an amazing food and wine mosaic. This varied region which includes the northern Italian regions of Veneto, Trentino-Alto-Adige and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and Franciacorta (the part of Lombardia known for wine), as well as Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and parts of Germany, represents the kingdom of Papageno, the first and only food and wine magazine of the Alpe-Adria.

Like Mozart’s magic flute for which it was named, Papageno is a happy spirited publication that researches the pleasures of the region’s flavors, traditions, places, people and legends. It leads the reader through extraordinary itineraries, flavors and delicacies waiting to be discovered, emotions waiting to be experienced and shared. 

But Papageno’s content is not limited to articles about food and wine by recognized experts. It recounts the history and culture from which the cuisine is derived, for in every dish and every glass you’ll find the conquests and defeats, festivities and struggles, moods and fragrances of all those who have lived on this land for millennia.

The Venetians, the Hapsburgs and the Turks made history here. Bound by a common name, Alpe-Adria expresses the harmony of these diverse groups once divided by war and hate and now united in exchange and cooperation, particularly around food and wine tourism. 

Papageno is a quarterly magazine published at the beginning of each season, finding its inspiration in the tastes and pleasures that characterize each time of year. Articles are written by recognized food and wine experts such as Arrigo Cipriani and Christoph Wagner. There are features by Italian, Austrian, Serbian and Croatian writers including Predrag Matvejević, Giorgio Pressburger, Paolo Maurensig, Veljko Barbieri, Carlo Sgorlon, Tiziano Scarpa, Hans Kitzmüller, Mario Rigoni Stern, Eva Rossmann – all united by a common mid-European culture. Specialists like Christa Hanten, Alberto Marcomini, Peter Lexe and Maurizio Stancanelli edit columns which tackle every possible issue about taste - from wine to olive oil, mineral water, distillates, beef, pork, restaurants, taverns and so on.

Papageno informs us about each rediscovered delicacy, directing us to all the hidden places that gourmands simply must visit. With detailed information and contacts, it is a guide for every foodie who loves to travel. A fascinating group of photographs represents an important part of each issue. Published in Italian and German, Papageno has a circulation of 32.000 and is distributed through subscriptions and select bookstores in northern Italy, parts of southern Germany and as a supplement to Austria’s Genuss Magazin.