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Arman Franc

  • Istrian Quality
  • Very good

Above the river Mirna, in Narduči, the family tradition is transmitted from generations. Franc Arman learned from his father Eduard, and the young Oliver is already preparing to inherit the family heritage. And what heritage. Those are some of the best istrian wines - the valuable teran, awarded with gold at the last year's Vinistra, the malvasia, and the particularly mentioned chardonnay and the grey pinot. The blend of traditional and modern approach in the production and the presentation of the wine are visible in the recently new built cellar of Franc Arman.


  • Malvazija Istarska, 0,75 l
  • Malvazija Istarska (classic), 0,75 l
  • Chardonnay 0,75 l
  • Sivi Pinot 0,75 l
  • Muškat bijeli (dolcetto) 0,75 l
  • Teran, 0,75 l
  • Teran, (barrique) 0,75 l
  • Cabernet Franc (barrique) 0,75 l
  • White vs. Red wine: 60-40%
  • Vineyard area: 7 ha
  • Vineyard location:
  • Tasting room with sitting capacity: Yes, for 30 persons
  • Mini boutique: Yes
  • Accommodation: In the vicinity
  • Restaurant/Tavern: No
  • Other Typical Products:


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