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Valuation system

This year the GaultMillau guide provides more information, more services, and as much as 643 tested and rated restaurants. The new GaultMillau is very exhaustive: on 544 pages the reader is brought toward great pleasures – the best Austrian restaurants and the best places where to eat abroad, likewise in Germany, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

In addition, this year the guide is once more testing the culinary potential of Istria. Same is the case of the restaurants in the northern Italian regions Friuli and Veneto, which also repeat their appearance in the guide. And finally, the GaultMillau inspectors this year went as far as till Dubrovnik and tested the restaurants in that part of the south eastern Adriatic.

The criteria for rating the cuisine are as follows:

  • Freshness and quality of the used (seasonal) products,
  • Creativity (modern approach in preparing traditional dishes, likewise richness of ideas for new dishes),
  • Harmonic preparation (to preserve the original taste!),
  • Consistency of soups and sauces,
  • Adequate length of preparation,
  • Besides, our preferences have also to be considered.

The GaultMillau rating system

The points’ giving is being made according to the GaultMillau rating system:

  • 20 out of 20 - perfect rating; never given till today,
  • 19 / 20 - highest rating for the best world restaurants,
  • 17 and 18 / 20 - highest creativity and quality, best possible dish preparation,
  • 15 and 16 / 20 - high level of cooking ability, creativity and quality,
  • 13 and 14 / 20 - very good cuisine, that offers more than every day’s cuisine,
  • 12 and 12,5 / 20 - good cuisine, that could be expected in each common restaurant.

The ratings are referred exclusively to the cuisine, not to the equipment and service. Please do not ever compare the rating (or cook’s caps) of a luxury restaurant with the rating of a common tavern.

Indeed, both of those outlets try to provide their guests the best they can, but 12 or 12,5 is an acceptable rating for a simple restaurant, differently for a luxury restaurant where, in the contrary, it is expected a far higher rating. An improvement of the rating from 16 to 17 or from 18 to 19 is almost twice as hard as an improvement from 12,5 to 13 out of 20.