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Olive Oil Roads

Agrofin - Ulje Mate

  • Flos Olei
  • Excellent

Another good performance for the farm founded by Mate Vekić, who gained his experience in Tuscany and applied it in the favourable territory between the inlet of Daila and Punta Salvore. Today Mate and Aleksandra Vekić run a farm supplied with modern extraction and bottling systems and a relevant number of trees, 25,000, on 70 hectares of surface. In the last harvest almost 464 quintals of olives were produced, with a yield of about 65 hectolitres of oil. The Extra Virgin Timbro Istriano is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with delicate green hues. Its aroma is ample and rotund, with rich hints of artichoke and chicory, together with distinct notes of mint and rosemary. Its taste is fine and complex, with a flavour of lettuce, thistle, a note of black pepper and a definite almond finish. Bitterness and pungency are present and balanced. It would be ideal on farro appetizers, steamed beans, salmon salads, barbecued potatoes, vegetable soups, risotto with ovoli mushrooms, stewed cuttlefish, swordfish tartare, baked poultry or lamb, goat cheese.

  • 50 m
  • promiscuous polyconic vase
  • 25000
  • by hand
  • yes
  • continuous, centrifugal press, in 2 phases
  • moderately fruitly
  • from 0 to 0 - lt. 0
  • red soil

Olive oil road: Umag/Novigrad