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About Us

The Istrian Tourism board and the Department for tourism of the Istrian Region, already for many years are institutionally connecting the private and the public tourism sectors in Istria, with the main goal to create a synergy between the involved parts and to position Istria as a high-quality tourism destination, comparable to other such regions throughout the Mediterranean.

Our mission, strategies and action plan are found within our Tourism Development Master Plan of Istria for the period from 2004-2012. Amongst implementing the new development model contained in the Master plan, we want to continue the activities and development projects made so far.

Gastronomic or culinary tourism is at the heart of the vision for Istrian tourism. It is our most fully developed tourist product largely because it is a natural extension of Istrian hospitality. With its numerous facets, gourmet tourism unifies a broad spectrum of projects from agritourism to ‘Wine Roads’, ‘Open Cellars’ Day, ‘Truffle Days’, bicycle tours and many other components of Istrian tourism.

Based on the high caliber of Istria’s cuisine, our developing ‘table culture’, and the growing interest from food and wine lovers around the world, we have created this web site to serve as a culinary portal, the best of its kind in Croatia.

We hope this site whets your appetite for the wonderful flavors of Istria. That is, after all, the reason for 

Department for tourism of the Region of Istria