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Al Torcio

  • Flos Olei
  • Excellent

Another good result for this beautiful farm in Novigrad, one of the most interesting oil producers in Croatia. Tranquilino Beletić founded it almost 15 years ago and still runs it with his two children. The family Beletić, who also manages a comfortable restaurant near the port of Novigrad, has a 7-hectare specialized olive grove with 1,700 trees and a modern extraction system. In the last harvest 290 quintals of olives and about 36 hectolitres of oil were produced. There are two Monocultivar Extra Virgin selections Al Torcio, Moraiolo and especially Rošulja from Organic Farming. It is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with light green hues. Its aroma is definite and complex, rich in aromatic hints of mint and rosemary, together with spicy notes of black pepper. Its taste is rotund and ample, with a flavour of artichoke and chicory, thistle and lettuce. Bitterness is powerful and pungency is distinct, with a strong almond finish. It would be ideal on bruschette with tomatoes, swordfish carpaccio, artichoke salads, marinated octopus, asparagus soups, pasta with sausages, grilled tuna, baked red meat or game, medium mature cheese.

  • 20-50 m
  • open vase
  • 1700
  • by hand
  • yes
  • continuous, centrifugal press, in 2 phases
  • moderately fruitly
  • from 0 to 0 - lt. 0
  • red soil